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Thank you for visiting Ivoree Interiors Home Staging!  Ivoree Interiors is a certified home staging company with many years of experience in the industry.  Our team is confident that your home will be market ready and appeal to today's home buyers. The right staging has the ability to bring out the best in homes.  Anyone can place furniture in a home, but a home staging professional from Ivoree Interiors will transform the space using specific furniture pieces chosen for the design from our warehouse.


We believe it takes more than passion to be a professional home stager. You also have to be skilled.  It takes talent and skill that Ivoree Interiors brings to your investment.  Our furniture is cohesive and emotionally connective to buyers.  Emotional connections are our specialty. Home buyers want to feel that they are home as soon as they walk through the front door. 


We stage all types of properties, from builder grade homes to million dollar listings. We partner with many large furniture companies in the US to ensure that we maintain the newest and latest trends in each style category.  We often stage properties with brand new furniture out of the box.


What sets us apart from our competition is the fact that we have an entire team working seamlessly for you. They collectively work to curate the pieces that are perfect for the space. Our team is there for you from beginning to end and more importantly will be there on all of your projects.


Our Story

​We are committed to serving our clients in the Phoenix-Metro area.  We have been staging since 2012. We started as home investors and real estate agents who took staging seriously. We quickly learned how polished staging’s can transform spaces and help buyers envision themselves in the home. 


The statistics became apparent that staging was the reason we were selling all our properties at a rapid pace and for above market value. We quickly learned there was an opportunity to assist investors and home sellers alike valley wide through home staging.  Give us the opportunity to transform your listing today!

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